Offshore Dedicated Servers

Globally connected to hundreds of ISPs. Build your business hosting infrastructure as you want.

Why Benelux Servers

Because privacy and reliability.

Full Privacy

We operate a privacy focus network that guards you no matter what. Even in edge cases, we strive to find a solution together. You are not just a number to our veteran team.

Premium Network

Backed by our enterprise-certified datacenters, multiple uplinks, redundant data imaging, our servers are packed with reliability and performance.

Superior Support

Top notch support is always there when you need it. We understand that problems and issues develop that require fast response in our current digital age, and we are here to deliver.

Who are Benelux Servers?

Benelux Servers was founded in The Netherlands due to the rising demand for privacy on the internet and in the hosting business. We operate a large network connecting major internet datacenters worldwide, combining direct access to hundreds of ISPs. At Benelux Servers it is our highest priority to protect the freedom of speech, civil rights and the privacy of our clients, whilst providing blazing fast, affordable and reliable hosting solutions.

How do we work?

Our hosting solutions and control panels are very simple and easy to use, tailored for the maximum security of your data and privacy. We employ a team of professional I.T. engineers who are there around the clock to help you when you need it the most to ensure that you have a peace of mind when hosting with us.

What do we offer?

We are a specialized hosting provider, located in The Netherlands, a free-speech haven. We serve a growing community of international clients with special needs and desire for utmost reliabiltiy and privacy. For edge cases we also offer an offshore location matrix that is available at all times for seamless migration to enable the ultimate data safe-guarding process.